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We believe that everyone must be given the opportunity to reach and experience great destinations. The world opens up to those who want to see it. So throw in the corner the prejudices about topping the fells and pack with you an open mind and high expectations.

We offer guided tours in Lapland and Northern Norway of magical fells, events in stunning scenery, memorable and professional. Making the mood for every single moment is extremely important to us. In addition, we offer luxury accommodation in cozy, sympathetic and very diverse destinations. In addition to the ready-made packages, we offer a customized and unique customer experience that fully meets your needs.

In addition we offer different kind of guided trekking trips from Fine Hiking to Easy OutdoorFine Hiking trips are for guests who appreciate a little luxury also in the wilderness. In other words: Hiking with style!

For guests looking for an easy and nice way to experience the wilderness, an Easy Outdoor trip is the best choice. You don’t need to bring your own equipement, we have everything you need! Easy Outdoor trips are a perfect way to get familiar with hiking in the wilderness.

-The Secret lies in the details-

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Inari-Saariselkä Winter

Feel the spirit of the Polar Night and the Midnight Sun at the beautiful wilderness lake Inari – the lake of thousands islands.

Inari- Saariselkä Summer

Lake Inari is our gorgeous national treasure which must be experienced. The lake has thousands of islands, which means, thousands of possibilites for unique camping spots. In Saariselkä, you’ll find endless magnificent arctic fells with endless activites. Just a stone’s throw from one of Finland’s most famous national park – Urho Kekkonen-National Park.

Kilpisjärvi Winter

Feel, see and hear the mystical Northern lights dancing above you during the
darkest months of the year.

Kilpisjärvi Summer

In the summer, experience the unique beauty of the midnight sun on the highest fells of Finnish Lapland.

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