summer in inari

Fine hiking trips to the fells and the islands of Inarijärvi

Wilderness destinations don’t always need to be reached by long walking from the road, and it doesn’t need to be done with a heavy backpack. We have selected gorgeous destinations from our beautiful fells and the islands of Inarijärvi, that are easy to access. Besides, we will use an airplane or other motor-assisted vehicles to be part of our journey. In our Fine Hiking trips, we will also focus on delicious meals and beverages. On these trips, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the view and excellent company, but the feeling of the hike is the center of the trip.

Easy Outdoor Hiking Trips to the Fells and the Island of Inarijärvi

You can join these hiking trips without any equipment, for instance straight from the impulse! All equipment is provided by us. We will custom trips to meet your needs.

Mountain Biking Trips to the Fells

In the mountain biking trips, you can challenge yourself and reach beautiful destinations. The trip is also suitable for beginners, then we will pick the tracks that are best for your needs. Come with us to conquer the fells and your comfort zone!

The King Crab Trip to Varanginvuono

You can’t miss this trip! The length of the safari is 3-5 hours. During the safari, you will experience crayfish traps and you will witness the processing of the crabs on the deck of the boat. In the boat, you will enjoy wine and lunch that is made of fresh crabs. After this, you have an opportunity to fish the other Arctic Ocean treats, like coolish and halibut, or you can just enjoy the vibe and sent of the Arctic Ocean. You can swim in the ocean as well if you desire so. This trip can operate as a day trip or overnight trip. On the overnight trips, you will stay the night in the magnificent lodges right next to the shore on the Arctic Ocean. We are able to have 12 customers at the time on overnight trips. Trip includes also Finnish sauna and dinner.

Cruise on Inarijärvi

Cruise on Inarijärvi is operated with a sea bus or smaller boat that can be fitted with four to ten persons. In addition, you will have an opportunity to explore Inarijärvi and its untouchable mysterious islands with Day Cruise, which is suitable for 2-4 people. This trip is operated either as a day trip or overnight trip. On the overnight trip, you will spend a night in a tent or in a cabin depending on the size of the group. Meal permits are included.

Other Services During Summer in Inari Area

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Trips to Varanginvuono (Varanki Fjord)

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Walking trip in Juutua

Hiking trip to Lemmenjoki, Kultareitti or part of it

Reindeer farm visit in Lemmenjoki and Angel

Hiking trip to Otsamotunturi (Otsamo Fell)