Summer in Kilpisjärvi


Easy Outdoor Hiking trips in all three Nordic countries during the summer

Explore hiking tracks in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. You can join these hiking trips without any equipment or experience, for instance straight from the impulse! All equipment, transportations, and meals are provided by us. We will custom trips for yous needs.

Sunny tent trip to the Arctic Ocean beach in Norway

On this trip, you will have an opportunity to explore the beautiful Arctic Ocean and spend a relaxed camping life in its amazing beaches. Trip includes equipment and delicious meals prepared in the bonfire. The trip is suitable especially for families. You can’t miss this trip!

Fine Hiking – Trips, Summer

Wilderness destinations don’t always need to be reached by long walking from the road, and it doesn’t need to be done with a heavy backpack. We have selected gorgeous destinations in Lyngen, Skibotn, Troms, and Senja area. All destinations are easy to access, and also, we will use an airplanes or other motor-assisted vehicles to be part of our journey. In our Fine Hiking trips, we will also focus on delicious meals and beverages. On these trip, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the view and excellent company, but the feeling of the hike is the center and climax of the trip.

Fishing in Lake Kilpisjärvi and the Arctic Ocean

Tällä In this trip, you will have an opportunity to experience the joy and exoticism of summertime fishing and enjoying breath-taking views. With a professional guide, you will find the best fishing spots. We will arrange trips to meet your wishes, needs, and previous experience. Destinations and fishing styles vary, but clear waters and respecting nature is the center of our actions. Within these trips, you will learn priceless skills in operating in nature.

Aurora Spirit Distillery visit in Norway

Whiskey factory visit in Norway is operated as a day trip or overnight trip, when we will spend the night in the beautiful lodges right next to the Arctic Ocean beach. We will enjoy fresh and fine dining that is made of local treats. On your request, we can arrange also an inflatable boat trip to the Arctic Ocean. Whiskey factory visit is included. Own box.

Other Services During Summer in Kilpisjärvi and Areas in Sweden and Norway

Mountain biking trips in Finland and Norway

Reindeer farm visit

Visiting the Three Nations`Border Point

Transportation services

Arranging events and gatherings

Accommodation services