Conquering Halti

Between Finland and Norway lies Halti, whom conquerings is in the dreams of many. With us, it is done with snowmobile, airplane or for instance with skies as a part of the journey. We will listen to your wishes and requests. Halti in winter is offering opportunities to unforgettable photographing trips ans spotting northern lights and achieving something great.

Ice Fishing in the Fells

Clear fell waters offer excellent opportunities to experience experiential fishing trips in the fells. On the ice fishing trips, you can spend the night in a warm ark or in a cozy cabin. All needed equipment for fishing and meals to enjoy is provided by us. Have you ever seen from ice fishing hole a fish swimming?

Freeride Skiing Trip to Lyngen

A freeskier`s dream trip, which progress you can affect by yourself. We will show you the best lines to ski down and the nicest routes to touring up to meet your skills and experience. With professional guides, all the minor risks are minimalized. The right level routes are picked by the guides from the surroundings of the Lyngen Alps.

Snow Shoeing in the Fells

In the surroundings of Kilpisjärvi and the great fells, you will enjoy the views as exploring the area with snowshoes. Trips are included with meals. This trip is suitable for both beginners and people with more experience.

Other Services During Winter in Kilpisjärvi and Areas of Norway and Sweden

Husky Safari

Reindeer farm visit

Aurora hunting

Trip to the Arctic Ocean

Trip to the Three Nations` Border Point

Trip to Troms

Visiting Whiskey Factory in Norway

Transportation Services

Arranging events and gatherings

Accommodation services